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Blink Speaker

Blink 音箱

A highly portable wireless Hi-Fi speaker of superior sound quality, elegantly nestled on your desk, bedside or anywhere you carry it. Up to 10 - 30 hours of battery life per charge.

卓越音质,无线便携。尤其适合居家旅行,办公休闲。现代风格多面体设计,精细仿肤涂层,令人爱不释手。充电一次即可播放长达 10 - 30 小时。

Full-range neodymium 2’ driver unit · Refined, balanced, detailed sound · Irregular shape to reduce standing wave · Applicable for phones, tablets, laptops, desktops · Using BT 3.0 + EDR technology · 9 x 8 x 13 cm approx
特别定制 2 寸钕铁硼全频高保真单元 · 平衡细致,层次丰富,富感染力 · 不规则几何结构减少驻波干扰 · 适用于智能手机,平板电脑,笔记本电脑,台式电脑 · 使用 BT 3.0 + EDR 技术 · 约 9 x 8 x 13 厘米
Finally, High-Fidelity in Your Palm.
Sound is Our First Priority.

Blink Speaker is engineered by both extensive objective measurement and careful subjective tuning. Thus we speak with data. THD stands for total harmonic distortion. Blink Speaker's fidelity in midrange (400 - 1300 Hz) is 5 times better than Jambox, as Blink's distortion is 15 dB lower.

THD vs Frequency - Blink (red), Jambox (green)

Frequency response shows Blink Speaker is more neutral and has more extended lows and highs, comparing with Jambox. It's a pity most speakers claim an exaggerated frequency response instead of showing real measurement result.

Frequency Response - Blink (red), Jambox (green)

Our users comment that Blink Speaker sounds remarkably clear, natural and smooth, with a tad of warmth, especially suitable for long-time listening. The midrange is gorgeous - silky and liquid. You can feel all the emotion and passion in a song, as if the singer is right in front of you. It has to be heard to believe.

Modern Design, Great Usability.

Our design is Sharp. Clean. Minimal. Timeless. The surface texture of Blink Speaker is unique - it feels soft yet solid, skin-like, with tiny silver particles to give a subtle starlight effect.

Blink Speaker is a pleasure to use. The wireless connection is easy, fast and stable. Our users are impressed by Blink Speaker's battery life - it can stand weeks of usage, owing to its 3000 mAh battery. And it is USB chargeable.

That's why our users tell us they take Blink Speaker everywhere with them. Relax in hotel. Reading outside. On office desk. By bedside. Working overtime. Preparing for examination. Yes, Blink Speaker helps your productivity when used as background music, thanks to its unobtrusive sound signature and undistorted sound quality.

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Blink · 禀临科技 联合创始人:彭博

毕业于香港大学物理系。曾任职于世界最大的外汇对冲基金之一 Ortus Capital,负责高频量化交易。

有 20 年以上编程经验,对于软硬件研发和供应链管理均有深入理解。

Blink · 禀临科技 联合创始人:周天


曾负责 Prada,Ferragamo,巴西石油,友邦等多家企业的上市工作。


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